Our Services

Institutional-Quality Underwriting

At Lakeland, our Institutional-Quality Underwriting is a pillar of our investment strategy, embodying our commitment to rigorous analysis and thorough diligence. With a rich background and substantial experience, we undertake underwriting with the precision and depth of an institutional investor, scrutinizing every detail of potential deals. This exhaustive approach ensures that we meticulously evaluate sponsor credibility, conduct comprehensive market analysis, and project financial outcomes, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for excellence.

Importantly, Lakeland co-invests in all opportunities, ensuring our interests are perfectly aligned with those of our investors. This alignment strengthens our commitment to safeguarding and maximizing investor capital through informed decision-making and proactive risk management. Our underwriting process not only encompasses stress testing of asset valuations, macroeconomic trend analysis, and asset class evaluations but also includes ongoing vigilance post-investment. We actively monitor municipal meetings and stay abreast of local government developments to anticipate and mitigate any potential impacts on our investments. By adopting this institutional-grade approach and co-investing alongside our partners, Lakeland pledges to deliver secure, high-return investments, constantly vigilant to protect and enhance our collective capital.

The Scope of Lakeland's Underwriting

  • Sponsor: Lakeland conducts thorough assessments of each sponsor's history, financial stability, and ability to communicate effectively. We demand detailed evidence of prior project successes, current financial statements, and examples of previous investor interactions. This ensures that their standards of communication align with our expectations, guaranteeing transparency and trust in every partnership.
  • Financial Projections & Market Analysis: Lakeland rigorously evaluates all financial forecasts and conducts comprehensive analysis of the adjacent markets. Our objective is to develop a robust, data-driven proforma that serves as the bedrock for making decisions with confidence and precision. This meticulous approach ensures a solid foundation for strategic investment and risk management.
  • Market Dynamics & Asset Classes: Lakeland delves deeply into the dynamics of the markets we enter, from studying vacancy and rental rate trends to analyzing demographic shifts and both macro and microeconomic patterns. Our focus is exclusively on markets where data supports potential for asset appreciation across specific asset classes, ensuring our investments are grounded in solid, empirical evidence.
  • Legal & Structuring : Lakeland's expert team diligently reviews the terms of all outstanding loans and operating agreements associated with our investments. This thorough examination ensures that our investment structures are secure and that we fully comprehend every potential risk, safeguarding our investors' interests and capital.
  • Project Specific Details: Lakeland mandates an extensive checklist of due diligence items from every sponsor, offering us comprehensive insights into construction details, third-party reports, financial history, and more. This rigorous approach ensures we have a thorough understanding of every aspect of our investments, paving the way for informed decision-making and risk management.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: After investing, you can experience a seamless and stress-free process, knowing Lakeland meticulously manages your investment. With regular monthly check-ins with sponsors and continuous monitoring of local government activities and regulatory changes, we proactively guard against any potential risks to both your and our investments. This vigilant oversight ensures the stability and growth of your capital.