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Lakeland: Advisor | Origin: Co-Founder & CEO

Adrian Bota

Entrepreneur Adrian Bota is the co-founder and CEO of Origin Milk. Adrian is committed to leading the shift away from“big dairy, ” which is reliant on legacy cows, to a regenerative, organic, always local model of “clean dairy.” Adrian’s roots in farming go back to his father working on a farm in Romania. Adrian’s parents and four siblings escaped from Romania right before the fall of Communism, immigrating to the U.S. and arriving in Cleveland in 1991. While Adrian’s father imagined his children would seek careers in medicine or law, Adrian drew on his background in business and health to enter the farming industry. Prior to launching Origin, Adrian began his career in business and health, helping to define Pfizer Pharmaceuticals’ approach to the changing healthcare marketplace in the U.S. He also worked at Cleveland Clinic Innovations Group to manage new ventures in healthcare technology, genetics, and health and wellness. Led by his passion for nutrition and innovation, coupled with searching for the best options in nutrition for his new child, Adrian embarked on the journey of utilizing his background in the pharma/biotech sector to rethink human nutrition from the ground up. In 2015, Adrian shifted from biotech and pharma to wholesome, nature-led nutrition. Adrian established Origin, a trailblazing regenerative A2 Guernsey dairy brand. Adrian founded Origin in Cleveland, Ohio, first partnering with small farmers in Ohio. He has since grown the operation, partnering with small, family-owned farms in Pennsylvania and Colorado. Adrian Bota’s deep expertise in product development and knowledge of emerging consumer demands has led Origin to expand its portfolio into multiple verticals.